IMPAK Facility Management System

Answers to some of your questions are listed below. If you have additional questions, please contact a Customer Representative. We will be happy to assist you.


  What is IMPAK?

IMPAK is a proven Internet application that empowers your firm to handle all aspects of property management service through your company's website. Receive and dispatch work requests, update your tenants and clients with service-related information, and help property managers evaluate overall maintenance staff performance. This web-based software connects front and back office functions into a single, tenant-centric operation. And it enables collaboration among tenants, property managers and the maintenance group by providing prompt, personalized information from multiple data sources and work processes.

  What hardware and software is required to run IMPAK on my PC?

Any computer connected to the Internet can enjoy all the features of the IMPAK program without any additional cost. There is no third party software or extra hardware needed to run IMPAK on your company's computer system.

  How long before we can begin using IMPAK?

In most cases, IMPAK software can be installed and ready for use within 48 hours.

  Do I have to devote any extra clerical resources to use this system?

Absolutely not! IMPAK is designed to help you expand your assignments and responsibility, while actually reducing your clerical costs. The system has been carefully streamlined to produce maximum results in the most efficient manner possible.

  How much training is needed and how much does training cost?

Training at the staff level is included in the IMPAK initial setup fee. After a one-hour training session by telephone, most users are able to begin using the program immediately. We are always available for help and technical assistance after the initial training session is over.

  What is included in the one-time setup fee and the regular monthly fee?

The setup fee includes program installation, SQL Server setup and configuration, data entry from Excel Spreadsheets (tenant, contractor, equipment lists) and up to eight hours total initial staff training. The monthly fee includes application hosting 24/7/365, unlimited data storage, routine database maintenance, daily database backup, unlimited technical support and ongoing training sessions as needed.


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